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Choosing a Practitioner

All of our Practitioners' approach to massage is Holistic in nature, meaning we take into account The Whole You - your physical, emotional and mental well being.  We blend various physical modalities such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofacial and Thai - depending on your needs that day. We also incorporate a bit of energetic work into your session to create balance and overall peace of mind and spirit.

It is our belief that whatever table you find yourself on at The Whole You,  you will be in good hands. Pun Intended! - in all seriousness - we encourage you to try a variety of therapists we have on staff, which is Kelly and Meredith at the moment. It is our intention to add more heart - centered practitioners this year.

Julia Simpson

Homegrown in Blacksburg,  Former Kipps Elementary Kangaroo- Julia trained in Austin, Texas - she specializes in a variety of modalities including Swedish, Lymphatic Drainage, Pre & Post Natal Massage and Cupping Therapy. She also is a licensed cosmologist - ask about adding a facial onto your service. 

Julia is excited to be back in the New River Valley providing healing and connecting with her community. She is looking forward to seeing where her practice takes her with The Whole You. 


Kelly McCoy

I found my way to the healing arts in 2007 and shortly after graduated from the South Carolina School of Massage and Esthetics with 600 Hours.  

Since becoming a licensed massage therapist, I have taken numerous continuing education classes including pre & post natal massage, lymphatic drainage and myofascial release.

I am passionate about assisting clients in finding their own unique path to freedom from pain and discord in their physical bodies and moving toward more peace, harmony and joy in their daily lives. 

I look forward to connecting with you!

Meredith Eileen

In 2019, I graduated from The Asheville School of Massage & Yoga with 675 hours. Through that program, I found my life’s purpose and an eternal love for the Healing Arts. 

Presently, I practice heart-centered, client informed massage and intuitive energy healing.  The physical nature of my practice is greatly influenced by a variety of modalities including: Myofascial, Trigger Point Release, Deep Tissue, Swedish and Esalen Massage. The energetic part of my practice is inspired by Reiki, Cranial Sacral and Healing Touch Therapies. 

My experience as a bodyworker combined with my personal study of yoga, spirituality and mind-body medicine, has led me to believe in Transformation and a Wholeness of Being. 

I hope this gives you a sense of who I am and I look forward to meeting you!

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